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 Big Bear Lake's Weekly Fishing Report

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2014 Fishing Seasons Starting! 

The Pine Knot Landing Bait and Tackle Shop will be reopening April  25th. We already have the season's opener fishing report and are happy to see such a good start! Weekly fishing reports will resume soon so keep checking back. 

Fowler's Fish Tails 4/22/14  Cliff Fowler

With the winter of 2013-14 now in the record books… this has been one record many of us might like to forget.

Hi, this is Cliff Fowler with Cantrell’s Fishing Guide Service here at Pine Knot Landing with your season’s opener of Fowlers Fish Tails. When the cumulative snowfall total for the entire season was less than a foot, you can only imagine the economic hit our beautiful valley took. But we “weathered” through and now the Lake is open and we’re all off to our next phase, and that’d be fishin’! 

That Blue Jewel is absolutely gorgeous, down a bit due to the minimal precipitation, but still in great shape. Temps range from the high forties to the low fifties, clarity is very good, oxygen levels are high and there is almost no vegetation. This make for perfect conditions for our native pink meats as they are hungry, active, and very scrappy! We’ve been play… er, I mean “working” out there for a couple of weeks now, hooking some prize fighters, and you got to just love the quality and quantity! It’s time for our Spring Constitutional which will help make your season a productive season. 

First don’t forget to get your new fishing license, that brain fart would cost you big! Fishing licences are required by state law for anyone age 16 or older and are available in the Pine Knot Landing Bait and Tackle shop or at any any bait and tackle location in Big Bear Lake.Partially stocked fishing box The prices are all the same no matter where you go, though.

Next, take inventory and replace any and all tackle you lost last year so you can start fresh. Nothing is worse than realizing you need more weights or hooks after you are already halfway across the lake. 

Throw away and replace old baits, as dough baits will dry out over time and micro spheres will burst causing them to loose buoyancy. 

Most importantly DON’T forget to change that line. Mono fil will deteriorate over time when exposed to the sunlight, heat, or drastic temperature changes whether it is used or not. Reels should always be respooled and even spools of line should be checked for strength. If you store your spools of mono in a cool dry place out of the sunlight all the time it should probably last for a couple seasons… but let’s be honest, who always remembers to do that? Tangled fishing reelAlso, an additional benefit of changing that line is that rewrapping that reel can help prevent line memory. You know what I mean: when the fishing line retains the curve of the reel and ends up looking like a phone cord. That is not good for casting or for catching. So replace your line at the beginning of the season and don’t make the mistake of finding out your old line is bad when that personal trophy breaks it off! 

The fish are behaving about a month in front of our normal calendar due to the warmer water temperatures (not that I am complaining!). The hottest fishing spot on our 3,000 acre puddle right now is my favorite Spring Triangle. This magic triangle is the enclosed area between Eagle Point, over to the Observatory and down to Lagonita Point (see the map for more info). They are still very deep as they’re feeding off the bottom and are hitting a wide variety of offerings including (but not limited to) NeedleFish, Rapalas, Dick Nite’s, Thomas Bayons and some of the new line of deep water flies made by Larry Bottham, which we’ll talk about more in the future. 

It’s all about the grin factor and we’re smiling ear to ear here a mile and a quarter closer to heaven so let’s go bendo! This has been Cliff Fowler with Cantrell’s Guide Service signing off with your most recent copy of Fowlers Fish Tails!


[ed. We are very happy to have Cliff back again this year and pleased to say the marina is already fully operational and expecting to have a great season. Stop by this weekend to restock your fishing gear and don’t forget to check out the rest of the marina while you are here. For the fishers with boats, we still have plenty of berths available to buy or rent starting at only $850 for the season (more info). Don’t have a boat? No problem, stop by to check out the used boats we have for sale or you can rent a boat in the Marine Center (more info). Just want to take a tour of the lake with your friends? Miss Liberty Cruises is already paddlewheeling around the lake and would love to welcome you aboard. Happy fishing and we look forward to seeing you soon.    David S.]


Rainbow Trout, Crappie, Bass 


Trout: NeedleFish, size 0  

April/May Fishing map of Big Bear Lake

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