Pine Knot Marina Parasail
Soar high above Big Bear Lake and enjoy the unmatched aerial views experienced at 500' up.
The only place on the lake to enjoy a thrilling parasail ride at 7000'



Observer - $ 20

Single - $ 80

Tandem - $ 160 

Pine Knot Marina Parasailing Policies
Parasailing is weather dependent. Wind is the biggest and most important factor for parasailing to be available. It will be the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’ on determining if weather conditions are suitable for parasailing.
Age Requirements
o Minimum age to parasail is 6 years of age
o Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the parasail waiver for them before boarding (Valid I.D. required)
o Maximum age to parasail will be the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’ (Please see Physical Restrictions/Weight Restrictions sections)
Physical Restrictions
o If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, back problems, hip problems, and/or any other physical conditions that may be aggravated by being suspended by a harness, then parasailing is not recommended by our staff
o This will also be the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’
o NOTE: In the possibility of staff having to do an emergency landing, there are certain procedures we must follow that may cause you to land in the water, therefore potential flyers with physical conditions are not encouraged to parasail.
Weight Restrictions
o Minimum weight for a single flyer is 110 lbs. (50kg)
o Maximum (combined) weight is 450 lbs. (204kg)
o These parameters are subject to change due to wind conditions
o In the end, it will be the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’
Our staff will always do their best to accommodate your request on how and who you fly with, however safety is our number one priority.

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