Pine Knot Marina Service Rates

Mechanical Labor Rates: $130 per hour Please Note: A fee of $50.00 a day will be charged for boats left 10 days after notification of completed work.

Marine Center Services


-Shrink Wrap Removal and disposal costs:

-Stern Drives and I/Os:


Jet Skis:

Computer Diagnostic:

Oil, Lube, Filter and disposal costs:



Jump Start @ Dock Side:

-Battery Charge:

Emergency Dock Side Service:

Emergency Towing:

Emergency Gas:

Haul out of Boat from Public Launch

Use of Pine Knot Landing trailer(Haul out or Launch):

Boat Detail Inside & Wax Outside to water line:

Acid Bath Outside Hull only:

Pressure Washing Outside Hull or Pontoons:

Summer Trailer Storage (off-site):

Summer, Boat & Trailer Storage (off-site):

Covering of Boat (By Staff)

Boat Lift (Raising or lowering of lift by staff)

Pick-up and Delivery







Time & Materials

Quoted Price



Quoted Price

Quoted price

Hourly plus gas

$130 per hour with own trailer

$125.00 per usage

$15.00 per foot

$12.00 linear foot

$600.00 per season

$90.00 daily

$150.00 Weekly (Min Charge-Trailer Only)

$300.00 per month or $950.00 for full season



$130.00 Per Hour

Delivery without your trailer: $175.00 Per Hour

Delivery on lake requires 2 staff plus equipment $175.00 Per Hour

Minimum Hourly

1.5 hr minimum

1 hr minimum

1 hr minimum

.5 hr minimum

1 hr minimum

.5 hr minimum + parts

.5 hr minimum

1 hr minimum









.5 hour minium

.5 hr minimum

1 hr minimum

Additional Info

No storage available for tarp or framing.

When battery is brought to shop.

Disabled crafts back to PKL-Marine Center.

Delivered to craft on lake.

Delivered to craft on lake.

Haul out OR launch

Carpet cleaning not included.

Add 2 feet for outboards/outdrives

Add 2 feet for outboards/outdrives

(5/1/20 through 11/1/20


Please note: A fee of $50.00 a day will be charged for boats left 10 days after notification of completed work.

If you require pick-up or delivery of your vessel before or after service, the charges are as follows for time and equipment.

Pick-up or delivery:
Charged at $130/hour
Minimum hourly: 1/2 hour
Pick-up or delivery w/out your trailer:
Charged at $175/hr
Minimum hourly: 1 hour
Pick-up or delivery on the lake:
Charged at $175/hr
Requires 2 staff members plus equipment.


Jami Miller is first woman to become a Yamaha Outboard Master Technician.

Yamaha Marine Group announced today that Jami Miller of Pine Knot Marina in Big Bear Lake, Calif. is the first woman in the history of Yamaha training to achieve Yamaha Outboard Master Technician status. Ms. Miller was one of only two in her class to pass the Master Technician qualification test. She finished in the upper half of the 114 Master Technicians nationwide.

"Those who achieve Yamaha Master Technician status are truly considered industry experts in specific areas of Yamaha outboard motor technology," said Bob Popiel, assistant division manager, Marine Service. "Jami joins a very elite list of the nation's best technicians. Her commitment to excellent customer service and her drive to succeed are truly commendable."

Jami Miller has been a technician with Pine Knot Marina since 1985 and started her career as a technician in 1979. She began her Master Technician training five years ago.

"Achieving Master Technician has been a goal of mine for a while and I'm still floating over this accomplishment. I'm very proud to be the first woman Master Technician," said Miller. "The structure of the Yamaha training program really worked for me and I felt like I got a lot out of the classes because of the way the modules are set up. They start with a basic overview and then break it down into specifics, which is a great way to really learn the product."

To achieve Yamaha Outboard Master Technician status, technicians are required to complete six different training modules and pass the Master Technician Certification test. The modules include: Outboard Systems, Fuel Systems, Four-Stroke Systems, Drive Train Systems, Electrical Systems and Advanced Four-Stroke and Certification. All Master Technicians must also complete Yamaha Marine University's Five Star Certification Program, an instructional DVD course followed by a series of tests.

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